About us

We decided to combine our hobbies and create a place where we can give free rein to our imagination and vocal expression. We create audio books, radio shows, e-books. In every project, we put the soul and all the emotions that are heard in our voices. Our goal is to provide entertainment, relaxation and even a share of learning! We dream of expanding our activities. Welcome to the place where whole worlds are being created with the help of our voices!

Paweł Wódczyński

The most beautiful voice of our team.🙂 Thanks to his acting talent, which he has continuously honed since 2002 on Polish and foreign stages, Pawel has a surprisingly outstanding voice! In a split second, he can change his pronunciation from an experienced lecturer to a chatty old man, a cheerful child or a foreigner with a strong accent. The palette of his voices has no boundaries. He wrote down billions of words, millions of sentences and hundreds of fairy tales, legends and audio books. Pawel is also a “voice coach”, conducting classes to correct and improve diction. Collects books and wine corks.

Kaja Wyrozumska

Officially Karolina. Shortly – Kaja is an actress dancer and a proffesional stiltwalker. She brings a significant portion of estrogen and endorphins to predominantly male team :) . However, do not succumb to her charm, because Kaya is a real woman with balls, a hard-working person who has no difficulty with anything!  She would sort the documents out, write letters, write down a schedule of records, make purchases, arrange meetings, arrange equipment, classes would be held by her, in general, this girl is on FIRE! In addition, she would always find time for coffee with cake :) .

Anya (Tekla) Witoszek

For friends, Thekla -  is a spider name from the tale "Maya the Bee", and this name was given to her for a reason. After all, Anya has made a network of various hobbies for herself, the main of which are dance, acting, as well as the art of stiltwalking She presented her dancing and “stilting” talent far abroad Poznan - in France, Japan and even the UAE. In the Foundation, everything is done flexibly, agilely and rhythmically by her, with great accuracy and decoration for each movement. She always goes side by side with the team, because everyone can rely on her. You can rely on her as well!

Lukasz Wolff

A one-man band, golden hands of our team, agent 007. For Lukash nothing is impossible; the phrase “It won't work out” doesn't exist for him! His main hobbies are acting, singing and running. In the "Nasze Czytanie" team he plays not only the leading role but he as also being a partner and a gppd fellow to all of us. His merits include graphics for fairy tales, voicing of these same tales, as well as restlessness in the search for new contacts and deals.